May 18, 2015 at 1:10 pm

Category: Around the Turf Scene

How do you know if you have a grub problem?

Most of the time, when a grub problem is present, symptoms of turf damage will also be present. One symptom is brown spots. Brown spots will shown up on your turf, often resembling other problems, like drought stress. Another symptom is root loss. Pulling up infested turf will be easier than normal due to grubs feeding on the organic matter in the soil. When the grubs feed on the organic matter, they also consume the turf roots in the process, causing root loss. Later on in the season, another symptom can present itself. You may find holes in your turf, which have been dug up by animals. Raccoons and skunks can be the culprits. They are searching for grubs in the soil to eat.

How do you treat for grubs?

Grubs can be treated through sprayable or granular insecticides. ArmorTech’s Guillotine insecticide can be used to kill grubs. It provides preventive and curative control of both grubs and surface-feeding insects. Now is the time to save your turf from grubs and plan for your grub application. Speak with your local ATS sales representative to find out the best time for an application and to recieve our insecticide guide.