If you’re a lawn care professional, you know that disease activity is a big issue. And you probably spend a lot of time trying to manage disease pressure. Providing proper fungicide applications along with added plant health products is key to controlling disease activity for your customers.

For example, Colonise Bio LTO will give the color and health response people are looking for when paying for a fungicide. You’ll get an extended health benefit, which is extremely important for recovery and continued stress resistance — not only with the disease but also heat, drought, and other stress factors. Colonise Bio LTO has AminoPrecise technology, which includes Armament, humic acids, amino acids, vitamin B1, beneficial bacteria, and blackstrap molasses. Microsync and Armament Concentrate are other options for an additive to fungicide treatments to add health and color to the turf.

For now, let’s focus on Colonise Bio LTO. This product is a highly specific blend of microorganisms, microbe food, and nutrient enhancers. It helps to promote color response, plant resilience, and nutrient uptake. Colonise Bio LTO was produced specifically to improve growing conditions of compromised soils. It is enhanced with Armament, AminoPrecise, and Colonise technologies to target better rooting and turf playability in addition to the benefits already mentioned.

Colonise Bio LTO contains bacteria that fix atmospheric nitrogen by converting it into plant-usable forms. This is one way that the product works to improve soil health. Colonise Bio LTO also includes live microorganisms, which inhibit different disease organisms that can infect plants and cause plant decline. Other organisms work to decompose thatch, and still others work to condition soil for better root growth.

Colonise Bio LTO also includes multiple carbon sources that are used to proliferate biological life in the soil. Specific amino acids work to help the plants create stronger roots, more chlorophyll, and anti-stress compounds.

All of these beneficial components are directed towards encouraging healthier, stronger, more resilient plant growth. Plants are able to better defend themselves against insects, disease, and environmental stresses. This typically results in turf that holds color longer, is healthier, and is more aesthetically pleasing.

Contact your ATS sales representative to discuss how you can incorporate Colonise Bio LTO or a similar plant health product into your fungicide applications for better results.