Typically, wetting agent applications are applied only after dry conditions become evident. However, in order to minimize localized dry spots and improve moisture management, you should condition your soil prior to dry conditions.

It is a fact that a majority of golf course superintendents use wetting agents to assist with moisture management. Applying rescue products once dry spots persist is common but not always the most effective way to manage moisture. Consider a high-quality wetting agent, such as HydroPak Percolate, which is most effective in conditioning the soil prior to dry conditions.

In years past, wetting agent applications would start in June or after localized dry spots became evident. I would have you consider applying the first application early to mid-May so water movement is consistent through the profile. If you’re in the South, you may even consider April for your first application. Sequential applications every 28 days are the best practice for consistent moisture management.

If, for any reason, you are late to the game and dry spots are evident, a rescue product will be needed, such as HydroPak Matador or Command, to alleviate localized dry spots.

On a final note, I recommend that you apply the wetting agent to the entire putting surface for consistent profile management. There may be areas on putting surfaces that show no signs of moisture stress, but overall consistency is improved with the entire area being treated.