Managing putting greens through summer heat, drought, and stress requires a number of inputs. Fungicides, insecticides, foliar fertilizers, plant growth regulators, soil surfactants, and cultural practices are all keys to success on greens. Recent research at North Carolina State University has given us a new tool to include in summer spray programs. 

SOLAROUS Chromatic Plant Enhancer from Precision Laboratories is a liquid additive that provides numerous benefits by reflecting harmful UV radiation while giving turf a natural green color. Adding SOLAROUS to your foliar sprays at 0.5–1 ounce per 1,000 square feet helps maintain turf health and reduce transpiration, wilt, hot spots, and hand watering. 

SOLAROUS also compliments your liquid soil surfactant program. Superintendents manage soil moisture in the profile with soil surfactants. Why not include SOLAROUS to help manage moisture in the plant tissue? Measure soil volumetric water content and surface temperatures with your TDR meter, and you have a complete approach to moisture management. 

What is SOLAROUS? 

It’s a blend of chromatic reflective ingredients, a unique green pigment, and surfactants that increase leaf coverage. SOLAROUS comes in one-gallon jugs. 

Does SOLAROUS contain zinc? 

No. There’s no need to worry about elevated zinc levels in your soil profile after repeated applications. 

Can SOLAROUS be tank-mixed with other products? 

Yes. It tank mixes nicely with a variety of other products in your foliar sprays. Shake well and follow the proper mixing order. 

Can SOLAROUS be tank-mixed with pigmented fungicides? 

If your tank mix includes other green pigmented products, it’s best to add SOLAROUS at a lower rate to obtain the desired color. 

Where can SOLAROUS be applied?

The best results are on greens and fairways. Bunker banks and other high-profile areas can also benefit from SOLAROUS. 

Can SOLAROUS replace my spray pattern indicator? 

Yes. In many cases, SOLAROUS serves as a spray pattern indicator. It’s more visible at the higher one-ounce per 1,000 square foot rate.

Does SOLAROUS provide benefits for other greens sprays? 

Yes. Superintendents have had success adding SOLAROUS to late-season preventative snow mold sprays. The thinking is that these ingredients provide some protection from winter desiccation, and the deep green color is a plus going into winter. 

For more information about SOLAROUS, contact your ATS representative or visit the Precision Laboratories website.