When it comes to choosing your career path in turf, you need to think outside the box.

 I graduated from Purdue University with a bachelor’s degree in turf science in 2005. At that time, only a few of my fellow graduates were looking for a career outside of the golf course market. Little did we know, there are a variety of other opportunities and careers in the turf industry.

 In the last 20 years, times have changed significantly in the turf industry career market. Due to a decrease in the number of golf courses, the job market has become highly competitive and saturated, and golf course positions have dropped significantly in salary and pay range. While the golf course superintendent track is still attainable, students interested in a university turf program can also consider the other career paths that are on the rise.

 One of the fastest growing turf markets is the sports turf industry. More and more schools are emphasizing safer and sustainable playing surfaces, which is leading to more stable and higher paying positions along with great benefits. Cemeteries, sod farms, and municipal and private parks are just a few other areas to search for careers.

 Another career field that tends to get overlooked is product distribution companies. Advanced Turf Solutions offers a variety of internships each year at our different locations that could lead to a career opportunity. These internships could be in sales, marketing, or operations. I highly recommend you reach out to an Advanced Turf Solutions sales representative in your area to learn more about internships and other opportunities.

 To find a representative in your area, visit this link: https://www.advancedturf.com/find-your-rep/

 To view open positions, click here: https://www.advancedturf.com/about-ats/careers-2/