As winter sets in, we have had a little snow and ice activity; just enough to get Advanced Turf warmed up for the season.  We are prepared for what may be up the pike.

Check your inventories and make sure you have enough material to get you through.  We stock a full line of materials to help you get through whatever white stuff Mother Nature throws at you.  Salt may not be up to the challenge alone, you can ask us what we might recommend for your situation.  We help with special need situations such as hospitals, aviation, parking garages, etc.  In addition to those, we also help with special surfaces like metal bridges, metal doorframes or walkways, pavers or tile.  We even offer pet friendly products and can help protect the surrounding vegetation.  If corrosion is a concern, ask what the best practices are to reduce corrosion.

So to sum things up, let’s hope we get a few more opportunities to perform this winter.  I challenge you to sell a special need snow service such as one mentioned above.  Most of you were able to finish 2012 with some momentum.  Let’s hope 2013 will maintain that momentum.  Happy New Year and I’m still snow dancing.

Thanks for all the opportunities given in 2012!!!