Folks, there’s a problem when you finish with a snow event and there’s still salt laying around all over the cleared pavement.  Salt should be applied at a suggested rate due to the circumstances. We have a product available you can order in bulk called Thawrox.  Thawrox is bulk salt treated with a liquid magnesium chloride and a sugar source, which encapsulates the salt granule.  When applied, it will help quicken the results of your salt getting into the brine solution so you can get water flowing on the pavement during a snow and ice event at lower temperatures.  Also, when used at suggested rates, it will spread further and be more manageable in your spreading equipment.

Less time unclogging jammed equipment equals more time servicing your customer’s needs.  Spreading salt at the properly suggested rates means less damage to concrete, metals, and surrounding vegetation.  This in turn will be safer on the environment, your customers, and your equipment.