Spring has finally sprung! The flowers are blooming, the dogwoods and cherries have graced us with their presence once again, and of course, the pollen is at an all-time high. Such is the sign of new life.

Our golf courses, sports turf, and lawns are now breaking dormancy and coming into their own new life. The days grow longer helping soil temperatures increase so our plants can grow. This process uses a ton of energy (proteins and carbohydrates). Whether you’re dealing with warm-season or cool-season turfgrasses, the process is still the same. It takes a lot of work to start growing with inconsistent weather. Here are some products that will help your turf along the way.

One of my favorites is Foliar-Pak Amperage. This product has a nice dose of blackstrap molasses (sugars) that help provide energy by replenishing the proteins and carbohydrates.

Foliar-Pak Foundation Forty is also a great tool. This product is a highly concentrated amino acid blend that increases nitrogen fixation, chlorophyll production, and energy production.

Foliar-Pak Csi L is a silica product that helps keep water in the cell walls, resulting in hardening off and providing turgor and rigidity to the plant.

As always, get a good jump on your fungicide programs. Do not get behind, because it’s hard to catch up.

Last, but not least. If you are growing cool-season grasses, aerification is a very important step to approaching the growing season healthily. Your soil will be able to breathe and have less compaction and excess thatch.