April 27, 2015 at 7:54 pm


This time of year in Louisville, Kentucky, is nothing less than exciting and a little overwhelming – building up to the fastest two minutes in sports. Like any other location, we are faced with the challenges of Mother Nature, which include a lot of April showers offering blooms of every sort. We always expect those dandelions to pop but, when it comes to wild violets, let’s just say we need to “nip it in the bud!”

The best time to start taking control is when wild violets are blooming. Left alone, these pretty little flowers can take over a lawn in just a few short seasons. Control or killing wild violets in a lawn can take years.

Wild violets are cool season perennials, which grow best in shady, moist soil. The flowers beneath the leaves are self fertilizing – they don’t need to bloom to reproduce. They have rhizomes that can survive a drought and send off new shoots. Also, the waxy coating, which gives the leaves their shine, can prevent a herbicide from penetrating the leaves.

Take control of wild violets early. Do this in the spring, when they are blooming, and use a triclopyr product. Our ArmorTech Threesome product, spiked with triclopyr (be sure to add a sticker), is an excellent choice. If you are in cooler tempatures, 4-Speed XT can help. When spring and summer have ended and fall has arrived, T-Zone is great option to control wild violets. Ask your local ATS rep for more information and help; I’m sure they have an “app for that.”