As we get into mid-November, we often start to think about “putting our bermudagrass to bed.” Preparing this turf for winter means different things for different turf managers. For some, it means making applications of Kade 65 WDG for poa control, for others an application of TEB 360 to combat spring dead spot. Some may adjust fertility to help the turf handle difficult winter conditions or others may simply raise the mowing heights before dormancy takes over. The fact remains that we must always wait until next spring before we can tell if we “tucked them in” well enough.

For a turf species that endures heat and drought so well and often grows in summer like it’s on steroids, winter can be its worst adversary. In the transition zone, it is very likely that warm-season turf will experience difficulties come springtime. Advanced Turf Solutions offers Foliar-Pak products that will get bermudagrass back to summer strength quicker than normal.

A proven combo over the last couple of years has been Micros Plus and Foundation Forty. Foundation Forty amino acid technology provides immediately available L-amino acids for improved photosynthesis, better protein synthesis, and plant stress tolerance. L-amino acids are effective nutrient chelators for improved fertilizer uptake. Foliar-Pak Micros Plus provides specific nutrients and biostimulants that target cell division and chlorophyll formation while improving metabolism of carbohydrates and nitrogen. The amino acids complement Micros Plus by improving nutrient uptake, translocation, and utilization by the plant.

Applications of Micros Plus and Foundation Forty should be applied after the last possible frost, late May to the first of June. These applications are intended to be used in conjunction with regular fertilization programs. Initial application rates are:

Micros Plus: 3oz/1000 sq ft
Foundation Forty: 0.5-1oz/1000 sq ft

Follow-up applications should begin 3-4 weeks after initial applications and all subsequent applications with reduced rates of Micros Plus if desired. The initial rate may be used again if more aggressive growth is still desired. Reduced rates are as follows:

Micros Plus: 1.5 oz/1000 sq ft
Foundation Forty: 0.5-1oz/1000 sq ft