In my blog post from late summer of 2014, I promised I would give an update on the vegetative bermuda fairways interseeded with Turf Blue HGT last fall. So, here is the update:

John Ramsey, from Shady Hollow Golf Course, interseeded Turf Blue HGT into 9 fairways last fall, which were all re-sprigged in the summer of 2014 due to winterkill. The response from golfers playing the 9 fairways has been full of praise and accolades this spring. One of the best characteristics of HGT is early spring green up and it definitely was favorable for early spring play.

The re-sprigged fairways at Shady Hollow Golf Course got between 95-98% full coverage through the summer of 2014, with less than favorable growing weather and a temporary water shortage due to a drought.

John started his project with aeration, chopping cores, and drilling in Turf Blue HGT seeded at 100 lb per acre in late August and the first of September 2014. John got an excellent catch with the HGT. One thing John Ramsey noticed was less poa in the interseeded fairways vs. the dormant bermudagrass fairways.

There will be much to learn from this project and other HGT/bermuda projects currently going on. I look forward to sharing.

Fairway at Shady Hollow Golf Course as of April 23, 2015
Fairway at Shady Hollow Golf Course as of April 23, 2015