Often when we use wetting agents, we think of using them to assist with hot and dry summer conditions—and rightfully so. Wetting agents help turf managers with moving and holding water to achieve their playing surface goals during the tough parts of summer. Continuing these applications into the fall, however, can prove to be extremely beneficial for the current season while preparing for success in the next season.

Here are three benefits of applying wetting agents in the fall:

  1. Fall typically is the time of year we focus on roots. Cultivation practices, granular applications, and often soil additives for nutrient correction are all things that we focus on in the fall season. Soil moisture plays a huge role in the success of all the work put into these management practices. Adding a wetting agent will enhance all the work put in by keeping the soil moisture consistent throughout the profiles of these playing surfaces. Drought stress can set back all the good things being done throughout the fall months.
  2. As everyone knows, fall is a hectic time with aerification, leaves falling, and many other late-season tasks. Many golf courses are short-staffed, with seasonal layoffs or crew members returning to school. Wetting agent applications can reduce the labor needed to deal with dry or wet conditions depending on what the season brings. The ability to reallocate labor hours during this busy time can be a big deal to many maintenance teams.
  3. Lastly, wetting agent applications in the fall can greatly improve the performance of the playing surfaces. If it is a wet fall, penetrants can keep water moving and playing surfaces firm—greatly improving the course’s playability. If it is a drier fall, a product that holds some water can help improve the surfaces when the labor might not be there as it was through the summer months.

Wetting agent applications in the fall can improve plant health and playing conditions while cutting labor time. Talk to your Advanced Turf representative about some good strategies for using wetting agents this fall season!