When spring weather finally arrives, it means timing is crucial for making applications. The extended cool weather pattern we experienced this year made it difficult to plan out applications including seedhead and pre-emergent weed control.

Turf managers now have tools at their disposal such as the growing degree days (GDD) tracker for the timing of these events. The tracker jumped quickly into the optimum timing in late February and stayed there for nearly five weeks for Prodiamine applications.

GDD Tracker and Pre-Emergents

What does this mean for applications made early by following the GDD tracker? Well, we might be looking at a second application of pre-emergent this spring. If you are already at the maximum label rate of A.I. for the season, you can easily change chemistries and follow with a Dimension/Dithiopyr product. Remember that these products need one-half inch of irrigation or rainfall within a few weeks to activate the product. The use of a penetrant such as Hydro-Pak Command will also be beneficial.

Seedhead Suppression

As for seedhead suppression on golf greens, the prolonged timing of the application in coincidence with the wet weather has brought mixed results. The seedhead has appeared to stay within the sheath for some time. Knowing the places on your property that show early signs of Poa annua seed such as southern facing slopes and near cart paths are still great indicators of what is to come.

Remember that these questions and concerns can be addressed by your ATS specialist. We are happy to help solve your issues!