Advanced Turf Solutions is excited to introduce FoliarPak Carbosential Fe, a unique organic iron micronutrient with a patented polysaccharide based delivery system and 18 L-Amino Acids!  This new “Activated Carbohydrate Technology (ACT)” delivery system encapsulates micronutrients in an energy rich carbohydrate protective compound.  The ACT polysaccharide both protects the micronutrients and controls the release rate into the soil through microbial breakdown. ACT also mimics natural root excretions that enhance the proliferation of beneficial bacteria essential to the plant’s nutrient absorption process.

Carbosential Fe is also packed with 18 L-Amino Acids that significantly increase nutrient uptake and utilization, helping the plant maintain proper metabolic function.  This exclusive L-Amino Acid package is derived from enzyme hydrolysis of soybean plants, resulting in the highest integrity product in the proper ratios to promote health in turf grass and other plants in general.

Application rates for Carbosential Fe are much lower compared to traditional iron micronutrient products.  At 10 to 14 oz. per acre, one 2.5 gallon container will treat the same area as one 30 gallon drum of other products.  Apply the product in 30 to 90 gallons of water per acre, and repeat applications can be made in 10 to 14 days as needed.

The ultimate benefits of Carbosential Fe are the outstanding residual color from the timely delivery of iron to the turf through foliar and root absorption providing, increased nutrient uptake to help the plant maintain proper metabolic from the plant available amino acid package, and improved overall plant health from the feeding and stimulating of the soil microbial populations.

FoliarPak Carbosential Fe is distributed by Advanced Turf Solutions, LLC from 8 warehouse locations that service Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Southern Michigan.