As a superintendent, you have a lot to get ready for spring. Worrying about keeping your greens wet is not one of the things you should have to worry about in March/April.

The use of wetting agents aren’t normally thought about until May. This year with the dry winter and spring it has become an early necessity. Wetting agents can ease your mind in a time full of stress. They not only help hold water and break surface tension, wetting agents can also help flush unwanted water through the soil canopy.

Everyone has experienced what a dry warm winter followed by a dry warm spring can cause: dry spots and stressed turf. Typically those aren’t in your thoughts in March and April. Some have turned on their irrigation systems earlier than ever to address this. Others turned them on by the calendar in the winter. Wetting agents can help you through this experience.

As a superintendent, you should take advantage of our full line of wetting agents. Talk to your turf consultant about these options. Currently, we are offering Radius, Cascade, Magnus, Revolution and Aquaduct, just to name a few. All of these offer a unique application solution for your exact needs.