November 28, 2011 at 7:31 am

Although most golfers think aerification is a needless process done only to keep them off the links, we all know it’s a necessary evil.  I always hated the problems that came from marking irrigation and drainage components.  An irrigation head or drain grate usually gets hit because the operator did not see the flag and there are always flags getting caught in the clean up mowers…..every time!  Not to mention the time it takes to place and remove the flags.

I was on the golf course with a superintendent earlier this fall during aerification and could not help but notice white foam all over the fairways.   They were marking the irrigation heads and drain grates with shaving cream.  It lasts all day, it’s very easy to see and when the cleanup process begins it goes away.  Although, be sure you buy regular and not menthol!

Scott Brame
Advanced Turf Solutions