Advanced Turf is your full-service partner for creating safe, playable, and aesthetically pleasing natural grass and other athletic surfaces. Our service division has the equipment, products, and knowledge to complete a variety of construction, renovation, and maintenance tasks. Let’s go into detail on the benefits of some services that our team can provide.

Fraze Mowing

fraze mowing field

Fraze mowing is a field renovation technique that removes thatch and organic matter build-up and allows the existing grass stands to regenerate. The turf benefits from less soil compaction and will require less maintenance, less water, less fertilizer, and less pesticide. Fraze mowing also creates a smooth playing surface, eliminates divoting, reduces wear, and produces better ball roll and better footing.

  • Stimulates growth (especially warm-season turf)
  • Removes small undulations
  • Mechanical control of weed infestations
  • Organic layering control
  • Efficient stripping for re-sod/seeding
  • Able to control depth
  • Additional sprig harvesting (warm-season turf)

Laser Grading

laser grading field

Laser grading a field is essential to create an even grade for a smooth playing surface and to prevent low areas that will retain water.

  • Creates positive surface drainage
  • Creates smooth & uniform playing surface
  • Laser-guided allowing for customization (depending on site conditions)
  • Ideal for all annual baseball & softball skins

Liquid & Granular Fertilizer Applications

fertilizing turf on sports field

A good fertilization program is a large part of maintaining a natural grass field that is aesthetically pleasing to spectators yet can withstand the heavy traffic of play. 

  • Our certified applicators know the products and windows of application.
  • We apply product using John Deere, Steel Green Manufacturing, and Lely equipment.


overseeding on baseball gield

Overseeding is a common maintenance technique to rejuvenate the turfgrass from overuse and stress. It’s also applied to bare patches caused by unfavorable weather or disease. We have the premium brands of seed, fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides plus the equipment to carry out overseeding. 

  • Controlled seeding depth
  • Precise application rates
  • Uniform coverage
  • Faster germination
  • Stronger yield
  • Can be done with any type of seed


sand master on baseball field

The SandMaster is a one-pass aerator and slit drainage machine that allows the use of wet or dry sand, gravel or other soil amendments. The SandMaster is accompanied by the Verti-Quake, which cuts channels into the ground using vibrating coulter knives. This allows for the SandMaster to fill these channels with sand, leaving behind a smooth and ready-to-play surface.

  • Improved drainage
  • Reduces compaction
  • Amends current soils
  • Less invasive than conventional drainage options
  • Quick turf recovery
  • Little to no downtime


top dressing baseball field

Topdressing is an essential part of sports field maintenance that involves applying soil, sand, a mix of soil products, or conditioner to a playing field. Topdressing levels and smooths out the field, improves seed germination, and adds amendments to aerification holes to increase the movement of air and water into the root zone. For baseball and softball fields, topdressing the infield helps keep the playing surface drier during rain events.

  • Efficient for large areas
  • Electronic control and monitored metering
  • Consistent throw & pattern

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