Advanced Turf Solutions is excited to announce our partnership with FMC Corporation, which means we will continue to offer DISARM Fungicides and XONERATE Herbicide while also offering the full portfolio of FMC professional turf products. FMC Corporation is an innovative and global manufacturer of chemicals, which has served agricultural, consumer, and industrial markets for over a century. We are pleased to offer the following FMC products:

Herbicides:  DismissSouth, Echelon, Solitare, Xonerate, Blindside, and QuickSilver

Insecticides: Triple CrownGolf,  Triple Crown T&O, TalstarProfessional ,  Talstar Select,  Talstar XTRA Granular

Fungicides:  Disarm SC, Disarm C, and Disarm M

Always read and follow label directions. FMC, Blindside, Dismiss, Echelon, QuickSilver, Solitare, Triple Crown and Talstar are trademarks of FMC Corporation. DISARM and XONERATE are registered trademarks of Arysta LifeScience North America, LLC. Triple Crown Golf and Talstar Select are restricted use pesticides. 2014 FMC Corporation. All rights reserved.