There are many adjuvants available to help make your job easier, more efficient, and more cost-effective. Here are just a few that you may consider.

Sync enhances the performance of contact and systemic fungicides and lengthens disease control by improving spray coverage at reduced water volume on a wide variety of turf diseases. It can also enhance the uptake of foliar nutrition and foliar PGRs. Ideal for tee and fairway applications if you are spraying at lower volumes, Sync will also improve plant foliar uptake and lower pH.

Border 2.0 is a drift control product that enhances the performance of spray applications by modifying the physical characteristics of the spray droplet, improving droplet retention, and reducing off-target movement. It contains both a drift control agent and a surfactant to improve spray coverage.

Chem-Stik LpH combines a nonionic surfactant, polymers, and a buffering agent to improve leaf coverage and protect pesticides from high-pH water. The surfactant improves coverage, while the polymers make it more rainfast. Chem-Stik LpH is ideal for products that are intended to stick to the leaf tissue.

New Balance is a citric-based pH acidifier buffer designed to lower pH, resulting in improved overall performance and efficacy of pesticides and insecticides. It is a good option when the primary focus is on pH and bicarbonates.

Microyl is a replacement for MSO and crop oil with a unique activator that provides superior performance and improved turfgrass safety. It’s good to use with quinclorac and other herbicides that require an oil-based surfactant.

Delux is a surfactant and ammonium sulfate premix designed specifically to enhance the performance of glyphosate and other post-emergent herbicides, such as 3-way herbicides. Delux is also labeled for aquatic use.

These are just a few of the adjuvants available from Advanced Turf Solutions. If you have questions about these or any other adjuvants, please contact your local ATS representative for more information.