Whether you’re spraying fungicides, insecticides, or herbicides, there are three additive products you should have in your tank. They provide health benefits, long-lasting color, and keep poor water quality from tying up products in your spray tank.  

Poor water quality can derail the success of any application. For instance, free calcium carbonate molecules in hard water can bind the herbicide in a spray tank and reduce its efficacy. In low-volume sprayer applications, the tie-up can be substantially worse. Because the herbicide is more concentrated, antagonism can worsen, resulting in a substantial percentage of the herbicide unavailable for plant uptake.

Precision Laboratories LV, an adjuvant designed to provide a combination of spreading and buffering properties to a spray mix, prevents the water you’re using from being a limiting factor. The water conditioners in LV block hard water cations and reduce pH to safeguard the integrity of the spray solution. The non-ionic surfactant blended in LV also improves coverage of the spray droplet to improve uptake. 

Created explicitly for low-volume sprayer applications, LV has a low use rate, producing results by adding only a pint per 100 gallons (.125%). Using LV makes for an additive at an economical price.

Foliar-Pak Microsync is another excellent option for an additive. It’s a chelated micronutrient package with boron, copper, iron, manganese, zinc, and amino acids. The metals in Microsync are 100% chelated, which means your customer’s lawn will gain long-lasting color and health benefits. Microsync is also compatible with pesticides, fungicides, and insecticides, and it works perfectly with low-volume sprayers, making it a great partner for your tank mixes.

The last but not least additive option for your tank mix is Foliar-Pak Armament technology. It protects the nutrients in spray tanks, making them more available for plant uptake. Better uptake could lead to reduced inputs. Its formula is also concentrated with hardly any fillers, allowing it to succeed at working with low-volume equipment, like ride-on spreaders/sprayers, and trucks with hoses. 

Armament technology is priced sensitive to budgets, so you’ll get all the benefits at a low cost. It comes in several formulations, including a 38% sprayable concentrate, making it a good, easy-to-use, sprayable additive product.