With fall baseball season around the corner, now’s the time to bring the first base leadoff area up to grade by adding infield mix. Adding infield mix now will help the area get through fall play until you laser grade the entire infield at the end of the season. This blog post will explain the process of adding infield mix to a leadoff area.

First, remove all the conditioner from the area. Ensure that the infield mix underneath has an appropriate level of moisture to till. Then add infield mix or amendment (or a combination). Here’s a step-by-step guide with images for reference.

After adding material, level the area with a piece of lumber. Level the leadoff area until it is even with the surrounding infield grade. Keep in mind that this process is for leveling the field during the season and should not replace annual laser grading.

Once you’ve finished leveling the area, till to a depth of four inches. Tilling creates a homogenous mixture, blends in the amendment, and prevents the surface from “chipping out” under cleat traffic.

After tilling, use a three-ton dual-drum roller to compact the leadoff area. Then use a rake to work up the area, repeating the leveling and rolling processes as necessary.

Lastly, heavily water the leadoff area to prevent the clay from setting or binding. Replace the conditioner, and the area is ready for play again!