Does pond maintenance sound like something your customers would be interested in? Here are a few things to know before adding the service. 

A pond can make or break the aesthetic of a property, so there’s high demand for pond care. There also happens to be a low supply of the service, as many lawn care companies focus solely on lawns and landscaping. Homeowners and property managers value streamlined service for their lawns, landscaping, and ponds, though. 

Because ponds are permanent and require ongoing maintenance, they offer a sustainable source of income for your business. Ponds also provide an opportunity for you to build trust with your customers. Once you demonstrate your understanding of pond maintenance, you’ll likely have loyal customers who will tell their friends about your operation.

The core of pond maintenance is controlling algae and aquatic weeds. Both thrive in shallow, nutrient-dense water with high levels of sunlight. To minimize their growth, you can use copper algaecides such as SePro K-Tea or Captain XTR. Or consider Precise Pond, a concentrated biological that you can use by itself or in a comprehensive water management program. Foliar-Pak Pond Additive is an option that feeds naturally occurring diatoms, which produce oxygen and improve the appearance of water as they grow. You can also use colorants, such as True Blue or Jet Black, that reduce sunlight penetration.

Because weather influences algae and weed growth in ponds, it’s important to have an adaptable program. Of course, that means having a program in the first place. Regular, low-volume treatments are generally the best practice for pond maintenance. Set a schedule with a flexible start date that you can adjust based on weather conditions.

Adding a pond maintenance program will add to your labor needs, but your customers will find it worth their investment to have a clean pond center stage of their property.