We’re now introducing Foliar-Pak Pond Additive, a safe, effective, and unique approach to algae control in ponds. It is unique because it uses polymeric silicic acid (40% by weight), which breaks down into silicic acid monomers in water. The monomers then feed the diatoms in the pond.

Diatoms are clear, single-celled algae that are about 75% silica by weight. They use silicic acid and other nutrients to multiply by asexual multiple fission. As the diatom population increases, the dissolved oxygen content increases and improves water clarity. The diatoms outcompete the bad algae, keeping your pond much clearer and more pristine. Diatoms are incredibly important to our environment, as they contribute 20% to 50% of the earth’s oxygen every year.

Application of Foliar-Pak Pond Additive is fairly simple. Dilute the product 1:1 up to 5:1 with water and apply evenly to the water with a backpack or other pressure sprayer. The initial application is 32 ounces per surface acre, repeating every 10 days until the water is clear. Once it’s clear, you can reduce the application rate to 16 ounces per surface acre and usually complete maintenance applications on a monthly basis.

Reach out to your sales representative about giving Foliar-Pak Pond Additive a try on your pond.