Sometimes the budget is only planned for basic maintenance such as mowing, trimming and blowing of a property. But what about those plants, flowers, and trees?

A little nutrition and plant health care can go a long way for those plants, flowers, and trees! If it’s not something you already do, it’s an easy sell. Your customers already know and trust you. In addition, right now we have a lot of flowers and plant material going in the ground – why not give them a prescription to thrive?

In landscape and flowerbeds, it is a great idea to spread or incorporate a granular fertilizer such as our 14-14-10 or a comparable slow release landscape fertilizer at time of planting. Once the plants are in the ground, include a watering program. Use standard products such as Foliar-Pak Root Guard along with a 20-20-20. You could also keep it organic and use Root Guard or Holganix and Bio 12-6-6 or Bio 5-10-5 and follow up every 4-weeks. This simple program will improve the overall health and beauty of your customer’s landscapes.

No matter what program you decide to use, remember to keep it simple and stay consistent.

Download this printable flower program sheet with options for standard and organic programs in 4-week intervals for landscape and flower beds and 2-week intervals for flower containers and intensely managed beds. Also check out the Foliar-Pak Ultimate Ornamental Package.