I think most turf managers will agree dollar spot is one of the most persnickety diseases we face in this part of the country.  Most years, a couple of stout, early fungicide applications combined with spring aerification and fertilization help reduce the impact and severity of dollar spot.  As the heat and dry weather of summer arrive, the focus changes to maintaining a solid program and keeping fires from breaking out; however, this year that fire seems to be dollar spot.  The wet and cooler weather has most turf managers trying to find more time and product to extinguish the dollar spot fire.

Consider making a few tweaks for reduced dollar spot severity.  Using growth regulators can be a huge help!  The reduced growth allows contact fungicide applications to hang around longer.  Also, be aware of what kind of foliar nutrients you’re applying.  Foliar-Pak products have a nice variety of CONTROLLED release Nitrogen available.  Many products available today are 100% immediately available Nitrogen.  When all the Nitrogen is available fast, you’re more likely to see a quick surge of growth followed by a hungry plant a couple days after the application.  Finally, consider using a light rate of a penetrant wetting agent.  The penetrant will help reduce dew for a couple days, but more importantly, it will help move moisture away from the surface.  A drier plant with a small steady dose of fertilizer will be less prone to dollar spot.  Be sure to ask your ATS sales rep which Foliar-Pak and penetrant products are best for your program.

Photo courtesy of Dr. Barb Corwin