Every year, Mother Nature has her way of throwing curveballs to those individuals that are responsible for maintaining fine turf. This year spring rains were excessive and lasted well into June. Summer was hot, humid, and saw very little rain, while the fall was also hot and dry. Now, in early November, we have witnessed record cold temperatures with snowfall. These conditions, to say the least, have created a stressful challenge to everyone and, in particular, Golf Course Superintendents.

Golf Course Superintendents have faced these challenges for years. Even as far back as 1991. The following, “A Country Club Member’s Glossary of Terms,” was published in an Indiana Golf Course Superintendent’s Association publication that year. The author is my husband, who was then the Superintendent at Greenfield Country Club. We have a framed version of it in our home that I walk by every day. I hope you all enjoy it.

A Country Club Member’s Glossary of Terms

Once again we are coming to the end of another season that has brought too much rain in the spring and then gave us one of the hottest and direst early summers that would stress out the best Superintendent. So, once again, I have tried to come up with the humorous side of our jobs. One day talking to one of our members, he got confused with the terminology that we use every day. So I wrote this glossary of terms, which I believe they must think of when we as turf managers use them.

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Terry R. Smith
Greenfield Country Club
Greenfield, IN
Ginny Smith

ATS Sales Rep