Follow these 3 tips to take full advantage of early order programs (EOPs) this fall.

1. Order Early

This may seem obvious, order early to take advantage of early order programs, but many programs offer deeper discounts and better incentives earlier in the EOP season. For example, most manufacturer programs begin on October 1 and several offer higher rebates for orders during the month of October. Participate early so you don’t miss these opportunities.

The Advanced Turf Solutions early order program is already going on now, one full month earlier than most programs. EOP customers can take advantage of discounts, extended payment terms, and rewards on our exclusive product lines early enough to use those products this fall or stock up for next year.

2. Take Advantage of Early Pay Discounts

Many EOPs offer extended terms, which can be a valuable tool for working through cash-flow situations during a difficult time of year, but some programs also offer discounts for paying early. Decide which solution works best for your situation, and take advantage of those extra discounts if you can!

3. Do Your Homework

Early order programs can be confusing, and they require analyzing your current program and planning your needs for the following year. Your sales rep is a helpful resource.

Take the time to look back on previous year’s records. Develop a plan for next year’s agronomic program, and make some calculations based on your acreage and spray rates. Plan for the unexpected, and leave some flexibility in your program. By doing your homework and taking full advantage of EOPs this fall, you can lock-in current prices, save with discounts and rebates, earn rewards, utilize extended payment terms, secure inventory early, and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your plan is set for next year.