There are some things you should always remember to do when maintaining your sports field. Here are a few reminders for the future (in collaboration with J&D Turf).

#1. Always read and follow label directions with all applications.

#2. Always ensure that your infield mix is screened correctly.


#3. Do not layer infield mixes. Always blend new infield mix into existing material.

#4. Always ensure proper overlap when spreading fertilizer.

#5. Always monitor soil conditions. Irrigation may be needed quicker than conventional thought.

#6. Always check seeder calibrations/settings and use consistent application patterns when overseeding.

seeder calibrations

#7. Always maintain straight and smooth edges.

#8. Always keep the drag at least 12 inches from all edges to prevent “lips.”


#9. Always cover mound and plate areas when not in use.


#10. Always consider existing grade/watershed outside the field. It may cause issues on the field.


#11. Always ensure the surface grade is not too steep to avoid runoff.

surface grade

#12. Always check field alignment to ensure bases/anchors are in the correct position.

#13. Always stop and pick up infield drag before leaving infield surface.

infield drag

#14. Always ensure windscreens are properly measured to provide a professional look.

measure windscreens

#15. When constructing dugouts after initial construction always consider drainage ramifications.