Pillar SC Intrinsic Fungicide

Pillar SC Intrinsic Brand Fungicide, by BASF, delivers broad-spectrum control of up to 26 cool- and warm-season turf diseases, including brown patch, dollar spot, leaf spots, and large patch. It contains 17.95% triticonazole and 15.8% pyraclostrobin. Pillar SC Intrinsic Brand Fungicide is labeled for use on institutional, commercial, and residential lawns.

Formulation: suspension concentrate; 1.67 lb triticonazole and 1.47 lb pyraclostrobin per gallon

Active ingredients: triticonazole (17.95%) and pyraclostrobin (15.8%)

FRAC groups: 3 and 11

Application rate: 1 oz/1,000 sq ft

Always read and follow label directions
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