Granomax Spreader from Birchmeier

Easy, fast and economical spreading with Granomax 5. The over the shoulder carrier and innovative spread head allows perfect seeding and controlled ice melt spreading with a simple motion.

  • Granules up to 4 mm particle size can be distributed

  • 5-stage control allows an accurate granule flow rate

  • Dust proof 6.5 litres filling volume of the bag (approx. 11 lbs fertilizer/18 lbs ice melt)

  • Large opening and zip closure

  • With easy lateral movements, width up to 6.5 ft can be evenly covered with spreading material

  • The sophisticated design of the spread head allows even spreading in any situation

  • Easy adjustment of the spreading height due to a clever carrying system

  • Length of carrying strap adjustable for different body sizes

  • Connection funnel transparent to see granule flow

  • Trigger locking device for transportation

Always read and follow label directions
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