Foliar-Pak Magnesium

2.5 gal
Foliar-Pak Magnesium, by EnP, increases magnesium content in plants by fully chelating the magnesium ion to allow for maximum foliar entry. It is labeled for use on golf course greens, tees, fairways, sports fields, lawns, bedding plants, hanging baskets, shrubs, and trees.

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Foliar-Pak Magnesium is a newly formulated fertilizer that increases magnesium content in plants by offering the following advantages:

  • Protected by a 2:1 ratio of amino acids to magnesium, the magnesium is fully chelated by amino acids.

  • Complete chelation of the magnesium ion maximizes the solubility of the complex, and the protection given to magnesium, which increases foliar entry into plants, while also ensuring a more efficient movement through the vascular system.

  • The amino acids used help the plant build better energy through increased photosynthesis, nitrogen fixation, and anti-stress molecule production.

  • Acting in concert with the amino acids, magnesium will build chlorophyll in the plant while also preserving ribosome structure and integrity in cells.

Application rate: 0.5–3 fl oz/1,000 sq ft

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