Foliar-Pak Colonise Bio LTO

2.5 gal
Foliar-Pak Colonise Bio LTO, by EnP, provides a highly specific blend of microorganisms, microbe food, and nutrient enhancers to promote color response, plant resilience, and nutrient uptake. It is labeled for use on lawns, perennials, annuals, shrubs, and trees.

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  • Colonise Bio LTO is formulated with Armament, AminoPrecise, and Colonise technologies to target better nutrient uptake, plant resilience, and rooting.

  • Bacteria assists with nutrient and water uptake. Microbe food helps support soil biology.

  • Amino acids support plant resilience and increase color response.

Application rate: 2–3 fl oz/1,000 sq ft 

Standard shipping methods include:

  • Forklift delivery from each warehouse location to surrounding areas

  • UPS, FedEx, or DHL depending on location

Standard shipping rates and handling fees apply.
Always read and follow label directions
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